Andaman Design

Andaman Design is a team of professional engineers providing a full range of services for architectural & structural design and B.O.Q. Estimate. In order to deliver exceptional service to customers we are holding on our basic principles; handling things precisely, carefully, confidently, readily, effectively and beneficially for customers. Just like our own.

We serve our customers as well as we will do ours. We understand that “When one wants to do business, the most important thing one has to know well is the cost for investment in order to determine the appropriate selling price. Years of experience in this business helped us understand the problems regarding jobs auctions of project owners and contractors. B.O.Q. Estimate is very essential as it can help them to consider if the bidding price is overestimated or underestimated.

Our Services:

  • Drawing Renovate Project
  • Estimate Cost of Ronovate Project
  • Make Bank Form
  • Investment of the Project
  • Structural Design all Building
  • Condo B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • One-storey building B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • Two-storey building B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • Commercial building B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • Warehouse/Factory B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • Road Construction B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • Swimming pool Construction B.O.Q. Estimate 
  • Bridge Construction B.O.Q. Estimate
  • Renovate building B.O.Q. Estimate
  • Cost Estimating Services for Contractors 
  • Cost Estimating Services for Standard
  • Cost Estimating Borrow for bank
  • Engineering estimate 
  • Structural Engineering 
  • Structural Drawing 
  • Plumbing System Drawing
  • Electrical Wiring System Drawing
  • Air Conditioning System Drawing 
  • Consultancy services for cost estimation of construction 
  • Shop Drawings Service 
  • As-built Drawings Service
  • Project Management
  • Engineer Checking the Project