Baan Teelanka

Baan Teelanka (The upside down house) - "What a feeling…walking on the ceiling !"

A contemporary style house like you've never seen before! Phuket's newest and quirkiest attraction is due to open in February 2014 and will almost certainly become one of the islands must see attractions.
No doubt a firm favourite with the Facebook and Instragram generation, Baan Teelanka is the first attraction of its kind in Thailand. This fully furnished upside down house is fantastic lighthearted entertainment for all the family and is the perfect attraction for those looking for an alternative to the beach.

A-Maze-in-Phuket – "Hey I lost the way ! It's ok…anyway…you got all day"

Who invented mazes and labyrinths ? Was it the ancient Greeks, or maybe the Egyptians, perhaps the Italians or did they first appear in Peru ? We all agree on one thing, they are entertaining, magical and great fun to solve. Everyone from young to grown-ups love them.

Our maze is a creation of Adrian Fisher Design Ltd United Kingdom, an award-winning company considered the world's leading maze designer with a portfolio of more than 500 facilities in 30 countries.

At Bypass Road, between Premium Outlet and Siam Niramit
From February 2014
Open daily between 10am-6pm

Entry fees :

  • Baan Teelanka
    Adult – 340 THB
    Child – 190 THB
  • A-Maze-in-Phuket
    Adult – 170 THB
    Child – 120 THB