French Cuisine / Restaurants

Find out where to go for the best French dining in anywhere on Phuket Island. Discover French specialties, French restaurants in the different cuisine but meet at the deliciousness. A truly delicately French cuisine cooked by an experienced chef as an original recipe. Find out now!

Black Cat Restaurant

+66(0) 76 271180

Nice and inexpensive Thai, French and international food (including pizza) and drinks

Concaved Beach Restaurant

+66 (0) 76 341 171 - 4

Concaved Beach restaurant is a new out let of Safari beach hotel. We are provide the real tasted of French cuisine by an high experience French chef.

Dibuk Restaurant

+66 (0) 76 214 138, +66 (0) 81 719 5340

Dibuk Restaurant offers all delectable traditional Thai food and classical French cuisine or a wide selection of wines in cozy ambience of Sino house style.

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