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Need some help deciding on air conditioning? What do you look for about Phuket air conditioning? ...Great choice for efficient cooling for your home is in All sizes and all brands of air conditioning are provided you to make an easy decision. Our information assists you for your most convenient installation and meets all things that you need in Phuket.

KBK Air Conditioning System

+66 (0) 81 677 4849 +66 (0) 80 537 4315

KBK Air Conditioning System, we provide air conditioning service for residential, commercial and industrial in Phuket. Our challenged staff had an experience in air condition more than 10 year. We ...


Mana Air

+66(0) 76 215506, +66(0) 76 225626-7

The company currently operates primarily throughout Phuket, Khao Lak, and Krabi.

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