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Great design of antiques and collectibles in Phuket give more feelings to your home with cozy ambience. Place some antiques to your own space and decorate small corners with the collectibles as well as other unique home accessories, all you can found from a list of antiques and collectibles shop in Phuket via

Chan's Antique House Co., Ltd.

+66(0) 76 261416, +66(0) 76 261417

Phuket Largest Antique and Art collections, from neighboring countries like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Fine Orient

+66 (0) 76 521 552, +66 (0) 81 272 0963

Explore the meaning of the authentic antique at Fine Orient, Phuket antique shop. We have many of different designs and unique fascinating home decorated…

The Courtyard

+66(0) 76 263 992

If you're looking to relocate, set up your business or furnish your home, check out The Courtyard

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