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Unhappy about your appearance? Want a plastic surgeon to do something about it? Dr. Fu, a leading board certified cosmetic facial (E.N.T.) surgeon, can provide you the opportunity to find out what you need to improve your feature by giving you a sincerity explanation and thoroughness of the procedure. Just define your own concerns and get relaxing in Phuket with Best Care and Best Image of your own. Free consultationDr. Fukiat Udomlapskul, Thai Sub-board of Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery, a member of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery, and a member of International Federation of Facial Plastic Society.

Rejuvenation Services

  • Facelift
  • Blepharoplasty ( upper, lower lid)
  • Rhinoplasty (augmented)
  • Non-surgical options ( Botox and Collagen)


I’m German who has been living in Phuket for 2-3 years now and had ever been suffering from droopy upper and lower eyelids as those eye lashes rolled back in and hurt my eyes. I felt very uncomfortable. So I decided to go consult a doctor at one big hospital in Phuket. Doctor told that I have to get through many surgical operations to solve the problem and it costs about 400,000 baht. “I can’t afford that much”, I replied.

Then, one of my Thai friends recommended me to find Dr. Fu. He suggested me to have an upper and lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). Once the doctor finished his explanation, I decided to trust and have a surgery with him. Now I’m so happy. The pain has gone. I’m look much younger that my girl started to suspect me again. A million thanks to Dr. Fu who gave me back my life with a price that is 10 times lower than the initial estimate the first hospital quoted.


I’m a 22-year- old new graduate. I came to meet with Dr. Fu about my unusual eyelid; I have one single eyelid and one double eyelid. The doctor recommended me to have a 1.3 cm mini-incision surgery (while other surgery techniques can normally make 3.5 cm long of wound).

I was feeling absolutely confident the doctor will help me and make it the best so I decided to do it promptly. My sister, she is also a doctor, said against my fast decision making. Today I came back to remove the sutures. I’m very happy with the result though. Thank you Dr. Fu.


I am a Caucasian man well into my sixties. I had cosmetic surgery about 10-12 years ago. On this trip to Phuket, I planned to get a brow lift and maybe some eye surgery.

After explaining this to Dr. Fu, he took some time to examine my face and suggested I would benefit more from what he called a “mid face lift”. He then used his hands to demonstrate the result. I could see this was a better option, and agreed to proceed. Dr. Fu also suggested that this could be done with local anesthesia as an outpatient, with a substantial savings on the cost.

The operation was completed with out any pain during and after. I even rode my motorbike to his office (about 20+ Kms) the next day. The results were better than I expected.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Fu and his competent professional staff. They made this trip a rewarding experience.

Nov. 26/07
Donald V.

First thinking for augmented Rhinoplasty is seeing my friends gained beauty from it. After waiting for many months, I’ve decided to see Dr.Fu.

During surgical procedure, no painful feeling engaged because of sedative effect from tranquilizer tablets. I awaked while Dr. Fu was making a slight shaking at my nose. At home, I had a little bit swelling and pain. Dr. Fu had advised me to do some post operative cares. Three days later, the nose started to look good and my face made me happy.

Wonder why I’ve waited for long. Now, I have more confidence than I have ever. Everybody said “Dao Saui”

Jan 2008
Dao Phuket

I’ve been under going augmented rhinoplasty 15 years ago since my niece was one year old. Now she is 16 and she wants to do a nose surgery. So Dr. Fu was the first doctor I thought about.

Now my niece is a very beautiful girl. We are very happy.

P. Phuket


Beauty is my concern, now I am 50 years old. I’ve decided to have a lower lid surgery (Blepharoplasty) – very good result! Proud to be a Dr. Fu’s patient, no pain at all.

Pi Noi

“I’d come to see Dr. Fu. My concern was about my low profile nose. Dr. Fu said I had to wait about 1 month because of the renovation of the clinic. Later Dr. Fu called me and I was the first patient for the new operating room.

It was very beautiful, elegant and comfortable, unique and had a very good finished Ma-Kha wooden floor, semi-panoramic view. So, I was relaxed. The operation went smooth, non-painful.

Today I’m very happy while preparing myself to go to stay in France in the next coming days.”


“2 Years ago, I had undergone a liquid silicone injection at my nose. After that I was still concerning about my low profile nose. So I’d decided to do an augmented Rhinoplasty at one clinic in Phuket.

My nose was too big and looked ugly. I went back to the clinic. The doctor said “cannot” and did not pay any attention.

I came to Dr. Fu clinic because my friend advised me. Dr. Fu had discussed thoroughly about pro and con of the operation. I trusted him and proceeded. The result was very good. Thanks.”


10 Questions

Q. What is the most popular cosmetic surgery? 

A. It is a nose job. As nose is positioned just in the centre of one’s face, it is therefore the most importance part to determine facial aesthetics and beauty. A beautiful nose helps enhance one’s personality and can attract people’s interest. It is so called “a nice feature” by the rules of physiognomy.

Q. is Augmentation Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery painful?

A. Have you ever go to a dental clinic to pull a tooth out or get a filling and dentist give you a local anesthetic injection to numb the tooth? Nose surgeries are about the same feeling. You may feel a little hurt when doctor starts to give local anesthetic. But then after the anesthetic works, you will not feel the pain anymore. It normally takes about 20 minutes only though. After the operation, there will be no terrible bulge, bruise or black and blue. As the surgical incisions are to be made from within the nasal passage or nostril area, surgical scars consequently will be hidden from view. You will be asked to see the doctor again to remove the stitch within 7 days. It can take up to 6 weeks for the nose to reach an acceptable level of appearance.

Q. What is to consider when one wants to have a nose surgery?

A. Augmentation Rhinoplasty is very safe if done in moderation and on a farsightedness basis. First of all, you need to understand that the height of the bridge doesn’t always mean beauty. The objective of the surgery is to improve the nose by harmonizing it with other facial features and it is important to not result in side effect and lead to complications in the future. Face, after the Rhinoplasty, has to look beautiful, sweet and natural. Other people are comfortable and happy to get close.

Q. Please explain about the silicones used in Nose Surgery?

A. Silicones are a kind of synthetic compounds that mimic the characteristics of synovial membrane. There are several grades of silicones being used nowadays. But medical grade silicones are those silicones specially tested for biocompatibility and are appropriate to be used for medical applications. When it comes to Rhinoplasty, proper shape and size of silicones are significant factor to consider in order to avoid side effects. Soft silicones will give more comfortable feeling.

Q. How many methods are there to create a double eyelid? 

A. Several methods can be used to create the double eyelid. But an interesting method I would like to recommend is mini-incision technique. This technique, the doctor will make a 1.2 cm long approx incision (rather than a 3.5 cm long incision that the normal technique required) on the upper eyelid, following by “liposuction” eyelid fat removal and then the incision closing. Some swelling can be expected after the surgery but not bruising. Patients can go to work in the next day.

Q. Please explain about facelift surgery?

A. Face lift surgery (rhytidectomy) is intended to get rid of flabby skin and to improve your facial appearance. Choices for facelift are endoscopic brow lift, mid-face lift and neck lift. Mid-face lift is considered an effective and save choice for Asian. In the surgery, the surgeon will give patient local anesthesia, and mark the area to guide the lift to hairline and indicate where the incision should be made. Nowadays advanced technique can reduce the length of the incision to almost half. The surgeon then separates the skin and muscles of the face from the deeper facial tissues. The fat and excess skin is removed from underlying tissues. The surgeon stitches the opening to close the surgical wound. There will be no bruising or swelling but a rest for about three days is required and then the patients can go to work as usual.

Q. How can we get rid of baggy eyes?

A. Before we take any further step to surgery, the surgeon will evaluate and find the actual cause of the baggy eyes so that we can solve it right at the root of the problem whether it is because of the droopy eyelid, sagging eye muscles, excess fat under the skin or the loose connective tissue around the eye.

The surgery begins with the small local anesthetic application under the eyelid. After 10 minutes, surgeon opens the wound a bit lower and along the natural line of the lower eyelid. Then the excess skin is removed. The loose eye muscles are fixed. Some fat is removed. Surgeon then stitches up the wound. Patient comes to see the surgeon again for stitch removal in 5 days later. The eye will reach an acceptable level of appearance by four weeks.

Q. How do droopy eyes affect health?

A. Try using cloth to cover some top part of your TV screen and watching any program for a while, then you think your happiness is missing, don’t you? Droopy eyes are the same, will obstruct your vision. Quirking the eyebrows may help relieve the problem but doing that will unawarely result in deep wrinkles or lines on the forehead. 

While dropping lower eyelids can also cause dry eyes symptom or watery eyes disorder as the tear ducts are about to be diverted away. Eyelashes may roll in and hurt the eyes. Some seniors may now be suffering with droopy eyes but they are too shy to tell their children that they want to have a surgery. Please understand that this actually is one of common elderly diseases.

Q. Can people with nasal allergy who often have a stuffy/runny nose or sneeze have a nose surgery?

A. Yes, you can. The symptoms are actually caused by the nasal mucosa responses to the allergens that lead to sneeze, stuffy nose and runny nose. But for a nose job or augmentation rhinoplasty, the silicone implants are to be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue on the dorsum of the nose from the outside, the nasal bone therefore act like a wall to separate silicone from the other features in the nasal cavity. For a conclusion, people with non-serious allergic conditions can have an augmentation rhinoplasty.

Q. How long can a double eyelid surgery, eye bag removal (Blepharoplasty) and a facelift last?

A. After the surgeon removed you excess skin, if you pay enough attention and take care of your face well for example using lotion, applying sunblock, avoiding direct sunlight, reducing alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and any drugs use, etc, You will maintain a youthful facial appearance for about 8-10 years before the repeated surgery is needed.

Ear, nose and throat Services (20 years professional services)

  • Infection of the ear, swimmer ear
  • Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis
  • Hoarseness of voice, sore throat, Tonsillectomy