We carry 4 main groups of construction products.

  • Selliy water pipe & PVC Thai water pipe
  • TOA color, Jotun Paints, ICI and Cuprino (wood paint)
    • Plastic emulsion paint
    • 4 seasons TOA
    • Acrylic house paint
    • Gliptda High Gloss Enamel
    • TOA super shield
    • TOA spray
    • New Harmonies
  • Lighting Fixtures & Wire
  • Electric Power Tools & Equipment For example, we have electric drills, water pumps, jigsaws, hammers, grass cutting machines and more.
    • Makita
    • LG
    • Bosch


  • We offer One Stop buying and we deliver directly to the customers.
  • We have been established and serving our customers on Phuket for 70 years.
  • We provide the best service & equipment.
  • We have off a large, comfortable off street car parking area.
  • Hum Wan extends between two streets and we have easy entrances from either side.