Jankit Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Jankit Enterprise has been servicing Phuket community with a wide range of construction materials, building materials for more than 20 years now. We are one of the leading suppliers in Phuket and is specialized in what we do. Come and experience our exceptional service, quality products and of course in a reasonable price. Find all about construction materials in one place.


Our Products:

  • Reinforcement steel
  • Cement: Insee, Insee Mortar, Tiger, Elephant, Double Tiger
  • Concrete ready mixed: Insee Concrete
  • Roof tile: Ha Huang (Mahaphant), Granada, Shingle, Magma, Trilon, Trilon Lite, Corrugated Sheet, Corrugated Mini Sheet, Roman Tile, Zedar Shake
  • Thermal insulation: Microfiber
  • Ceiling board: Gyproc
  • Floor and wall tiles: Campana,  Arte, Cergres, Sosuco
  • Tile adhesive and tile grout: Weber, Crocodile, Insee
  • Sanitary ware: Karat, Kolher, American Standard
  • Wood substitute and board: Shera, Conwood
  • Blocks: Aerated Concrete, Insee Superblock Lightweight Concrete, Cellular Concrete
  • Colours: Beger
  • Chemicals: Sika, Bosny
  • Door holder accessory: Hafele, RMI
  • Wooden door, PVC (Bathic door)
  • Plumbing products: ARR Pipe
  • Sink: Diamond
  • Water/Septic tank: DOS