Land & House Park Phuket

Luxurious life style in peaceful and graceful nature
Luxurious life style of people in Phuket is intentionally fulfilled with remarkable 451 rai projects. Land & House Park Phuket inspired by peaceful atmosphere and graceful nature, landscape architects delicately created new tropical design to blend in with existed surrounding and natural water source as Natural Zone, Leisure Zone and Privacy & Safety.

Relaxation in tranquil nature 
Large tropical life style with fully equipped sport complex comprising of swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sport center, fitness center gymnasium, sauna, steaming room, waterside, restaurant and jogging lanes. More than 50% of entire areas are planned to provide tranquil atmosphere throughout the projects; flower garden with colorful flowers, outdoor recreation center and enormous natural water resource that provide picturesque scenery.  

Privacy and safety
Land & House Park Phuket also provides the greatest privacy and security. In order to achieve this goal, the entire project is intentionally divided into subdivided projects. Each subdivided projects are independent from one another with their own entrances and 24 hours security guards to add higher protection and confident for everyone.