Luk Lay Seafood (Nai Yao Luktharn) Restaurant

Nai Yao Luktharn is located at seaside ideally for luxurious dining in Phuket, family runs local restaurant and remains its exclusive reputation features of special evening in backdrop panoramic view of sunset which fires the sky a stark gold and pink and then slowly cools to blue.

At Luk Lay Seafood (Nai Yao Luktharn) Restaurant, we range the menu from the local flavors to the famous Thai cuisine and fantastic seafood variety from experience chefs that are served with ambrosial wine. We are well known as specialist in seafood with own live crab and fish per your selection. By the way our restaurant provide outdoor and indoor seats, a VIP sneak situated in modern styled interior air – conditioned unit for your almost privacy. 

Let us to organize and host your party, and give your guests moments to remember! We provide a great service for many private events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, retirements or any other occasion or reason you may have to celebrate, just ask and we shall provide!

Every dish is served with a smile. Like the hometown diner, an unaffected and friendly service, and a visit from the owner are our hallmarks.

"Nai Yao Luktharn… perfect setting to dine in, which relaxed atmosphere and a menu, which offers something suit all tastes."

Recommended Menu

  • Steamed lobster with Chinese soy sauce
  • Deep fried mantis prawn with garlic
  • Fried white prawn (Peneidae) with tamarind sauce
  • Fried Ga-Pek (local plant) with prawn
  • Grilled alive White Snapper / Red Snapper with salt
  • Steamed whole alive Grouper / alive White Snapper / alive Red Snapper / Samree / Mong fish with Chinese soy sauce
  • Steamed whole alive Grouper / alive White Snapper / alive Red Snapper / Samree / Mong fish with lime juice
  • Fried whole alive White Snapper / alive Red Snapper / Mong Fish with lemongrass in sweet Chinese sauce
  • Stir-fried alive sea crab / alive sea crab with roes / alive horse crab with pounded black pepper
  • Fried alive horse crab with lime juice
  • Steamed alive horse crab
  • Boiled ark shell (Hoy Wan) with lemongrass
  • Soft-boiled Chark-Teen (a kind of Shellfish)
  • Stir-fried Miang (local plant) with dried prawn
  • Fresh prawn / dried prawn in spicy mixed vegetable soup
  • The whole Mullet / Bream / Samree / Mong-fish / alive Grouper / alive White Snapper / alive Red Snapper in hot and sour tamarind-flavoured soup with coconut turni
  • Prawn in spicy and thickened soup with coconut milk-Tom Yum
  • Fried prawn in chili paste with Parkia
  • Steamed curried seafood wrapped in banana leaf
  • Boiled chicken topped with fresh Ipomoea and Tamarind-flavoured sauce
  • Fried rice noodles with pork, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables topped with gravy sauce

Open daily: 10.30 am. - 10.00 pm.