Phuket Pearl



ORIGINAL - Since 1967, over 50 years of experience in pearl farming. The knowledge of pearl farming is inherited from our ancestor and passes to another generation.


NATURAL - From the sea to be your value gem. The selected quality pearl oyster of the Andaman Sea from local fishermen will be well treated in our farm at Leamhin. And you can join "PEARL FARM TRIP" to see a process of our pearl farming; farm operation, implantation, culturing pearl and harvesting pearl. All pearls from our pearl farm are sent to the manufacturing procedures which consist of; pearl separation according to the quality assessment of Phuket Pearl Company for quality control and then will process to craft into the pearl jewellery at factory by Phuket Pearl.


QUALITY - Luster, we control procedure to separate the pearls quality by shining the pearl under the light to determine the luster, clear reflection without blur, is our premium products. Surface, our criterion of surface grading is being evaluated, the pearl surface is controlling for approximately 70% and more than 85% for necklace. Shape, Phuket Pearl has uses the measurement technique by refers to the pearl’s template. Colour, several environment conditions can influence the colour of cultured pearls. Phuket Pearl has select pearl with glamorous sparking of rainbow, as the ideal pearl for our brand.


Opening hours:

  • Daily from 8.30 A.M. – 7.00 P.M. (October to April)
  • Daily from 8.30 A.M. – 6.30 P.M. (May to September)


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