Pornthip Sea Store

Pornthip Sea Store produces dried seafood with herbal ingredient in many recipes, so the shop is called “The King of Herbal Recipe”, blends dry seafood with herbs to make exotic food souvenirs. All ingredients are hygienic by Pornthip’s quality control, which meets GMP Standard (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Furthermore, Pornthip Sea Store sales stirred-dry fruit, cashew nut, flossy pork, crispy pork, fish kidney curry in southern style, and so on.


Pornthip Sea Store is a master dealer of Pornthip (Nam-Guan), pork product factory in Nakorn Rachasrima (Korach) since 1991

Dried Seafood with Herb

The recipe is owned by Pornthip Sea Store which won OTOP Product Champion.

Dried Fruit & Snack

Dried Fruit, Cashew Nuts, Rice Cracker, Tao Saor Cake, Durian Chips, Durian Toffee,

Curry & Chillipaste

Instant curry and chillipaste in original Phuket taste.