Uthaisilp Optical

Utaisilp Optical offers patients the widest selection of frames available. Name brands, designer styles, specialty frames, high tech metals, sunglasses... all competitively priced. 

There are lenses available today for every look, lifestyle and vision requirement. Our opticians will help you choose the exact lens to meet your needs. Then, because most lenses are ground in our own lab, you can always be sure they are made to your doctor's exact specifications. 

With modern materials and lens-making techniques, there is a dizzying array of choices available for eyeglass lenses today. They are all available at Uthaisilp Optical. Not only can we fit the exact type of lens to your needs, we have our own lab where our experts grind each lens precisely to the doctor’s specifications to ensure quality eye glasses every time.

Utaisilp Optical ’s goal is to provide the best care and quality products for your eyes at the most reasonable price. Eye exams are done by an optician who specializes in eye care and has the latest technology available in Utaisilp Optical.  We deal with the best in products and companies and are continually updating their knowledge in all technical aspects.